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Viktoria Tolstoy

Tolstoy ViktoriaViktoria Tolstoy is a 32 years old Swedish Jazz Vocalist with the most beautiful and powerful voice I ever heard. This very talented Singer has been afloated with great reviews all over the world and is one of the most famous international Jazz Stars. She has 7 Albums out on the market. The first was to come out when she was 19 years old. She has occasional appearances in TV and Movie productions, did several Europe and World Tours and was the opening singer for the World Championships of Track&Field. And yes, she is the great great granddaughter of Leo Tolstoy.

Her musical style is basically Jazz of course, but what I like about Tolstoy is the mix of traditional Jazz and Blues elements with Pop and even Rock. The first albums were classical Jazz Albums, later on more Pop was mixed into her songs. In addition to her very strong, lightly maidenly voice some great songs made there way into the music business. Her best albums are My Swedish Heart and White Russian in my opinion.

In September this year she released her seventh Album Pictures of Me which is a cover album. 13 songs with different kind of styles sang and interpreted by Viktoria Tolstoy. Songs from Prince, Peter Gabriel, Seal and more…

I know there are several good Jazz and Blues Voices out there but Viktoria Tolstoy is my favorite. Torun Erikson, Lisa Bassenge, Diana Krall or Norah Jones are all fantastic singers but none of them has the variance of Tolstoy. Every woman great in her style, her arrangement but what fascinates me about Viktoria Tolstoy is here much bigger influence of other genres. Erikson and Bassenge have some Pop and Country Songs but it is Tolstoy who gives the songs a new style, a new face, a new direction, especially with “Pictures of Me”. So my recommendation is: Listen and feel!

I uploaded three 30 seconds clips to my site of her newest album “Pictures of Me” to convince everyone of this wonderful voice. I hope nobody will sue me ^^’.


Source of Picture: http://www.viktoriatolstoy.com/