The Imagination Enhancer

This blog kicked off during my studies on my road the the diploma. In the meantime, I posted about different topics that I like and work on such as Gaming, Development, Movies and Music.

I finished my studies in computer science at the University of Bremen and am working as a Software Developer, Engineer, Architect and Consultant for over 15 years now.

This is Mii ^^My interests and expertise started with Java, with over 10 years of experience in research and industrial projects as well as large scale product server environments. I worked in different themes and am experienced with most different platforms like Desktop, Servers, Mobile, as well as C#, VBA or PHP and of course whatever it requires to reach a goal. There was a time I was chasing languages/frameworks such as Dart, Angular, React, Symfony, Laravel etc. pp. and as much as I like frameworks my goal is to use technology for a purpose and not for the mere reason of using a framework for the frameworks reason anymore.
I still try to stay up-to-date as there is just too much fascinating and new stuff people should try to find the best solution for their challenge. And that is what I try on a daily basis: Broaden my horizon to always present the best pragmatic solution!

With practical experience in Online Browser MMOs, applied research, service middleware and more, I still find myself interested in many different things. That is why I started adding projects to this blog, such as my first OpenGL steps or plugins. I will continue to post about whatever I find interesting and shareable and hope that you find it helpful in your daily (work)life.

The origin story of this domain and the name INsanityDesign is vague to say the least, but over tenth of years ago, I fought with myself what to publish on the different INsanityDesign domains I actually had. This very Blog was the offspring!

And if you are asking Why? Because I can! (I had this philosophy before Obama ^^’) The only good reason any person needs to do something.

The Imagination Enhancer