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NeHe Android PortsAs some may have noticed, I am experimenting with Android, especially with its OpenGL functionality. As I am not inexperienced with OpenGL and Java through my “playing around” with JOGL, I thought I may get a quick access to Android and OpenGL. Cannot be that hard… it is not exactly hard, but it is different. Android supports OpenGL ES as part of its system, framework and SDK. OpenGL ES is not OpenGL, and principles as well as things you do with OpenGL to quickly achieve results cannot be done with OpenGL ES the same way.

NeHe ProductionsThere are actually some minor OpenGL ES tutorials out there and some very basic Android OpenGL tutorials, but none of them show a wide range of functionality. As I am personally a big fan of probably the best OpenGL tutorials in the net, NeHe, I wanted to stick with these and try to adapt these onto Android. This is not exactly the most difficult task but you have to think around the corner at once. The NeHe tutorials are more OpenGL functionality test beds, to show of what could be done and could be combined. The style is straight forwards and very easy to understand but does not work without some rework with Android.

Therefore, I started porting the NeHe tutorials to Android. First, just for myself, to get used to Android and OpenGL, but I think they may be helpful to others, too. That is why I started a project page for this, currently coping the first eight tutorials of NeHe ported to Android with a little explanation what has been changed regarding the platform requirements. I will continue to expand the tutorials and port all others that can be done on Android. I hope anybody looking for help in that area can be helped with the ports.
If any questions should occur, problems, comments, good or bad, just comment to the NeHe Android Ports page and I will get to it. In the meantime I will continue experimenting and porting the rest of the NeHe tutorials. I try to keep this up-to-date on a regularly basis but I cannot promise anything.

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