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Some weeks ago Telltale Games (the creator of the new, hilarious Sam and Max Seasons) announced that they are developing are solitary brand for the WiiWare system from Nintendo (besides the conversion of Sam and Max – Season One for the Nintendo Wii).

Today Telltale finally revealed the new brand: StrongBad! For all those of you who do not not StrongBad go and visit Homestarrunner to get your E-Mails answered!
I am a very big fan of StrongBad and “LIMOZEEN”, watching it every week! Therefore I am pretty excited (as you can tell, otherwise I wouldn’t post it ^^’). I recommend you to watch this episode about StrongBad in an Anime-Style if you do not know StrongBad at all as it is one of my favorites.

Not much is known at the moment I am writing this but the title will be fabulous Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People (SBCG4AP) and it will be some kind of classic adventure, like the Sam and Max Seasons but evolving around StrongBadia and its habitants. So a 3D Point’n’Click Adventure as we like it. Matt and Mike Chapman (the geniuses) will be involved in the development.
There will be five episodes released monthly starting June, downloadable through the WiiWare system by an unknown price. The game will feature WiiConnect24 (in what way nobody knows… but jesus!).

I hope we will be able to play other characters as StrongMad or do Crank Calls and use the Teen Girl Squad ^^’.

Telltale Games released the first Trailer with ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE and Images right on or watch it here..right NOW!

Gameplay Trailer

As delicacy a video of LimoZEEN Live in Atlanta after the jump!

Limozeen Live

2 thoughts on “StrongBad – The Game”

  1. Although I like some of the StrongBad episodes, I will definitely not play the game. I think it’s nerd stuff, only very few people will buy and I can’t even think of enough people liking it.

  2. You are right that StrongBad is nothing for a big crowd.
    Nevertheless it will be an adventure game. And as Telltale has proven that they can make good adventures with good laughs I think there is a possibility that it will find its audience. So if there aren’t just E-Mail sequences but normal adventuring, inventory riddles and funny talks there should be enough to keep a player on the WiiMote.

    Big thing will be the price. A Season of Sam and Max costs about 35$ and with five episodes thats probably the idea… on the PC! Because I do not know what costs WiiWare will tend to have as Nintendo has to get paid too. If an episode is about 5 to 7 dollars it could work but nothing further.

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