Sam & Max has been released!

samandmax_ep1_max3.jpgA new Sam and Max has just been released for international customers and fans all over the world. The first Sam and Max since 1993 (OK, there was just one but that one was great!!!) is produced and published by Telltale Games. If you do not know TTG already: They do adventures and adventures only! They did some CSI Games and were the ones that brought you two Bone Episodes. Yes, Episodes! Telltale were probably the first guys that released an adventure in an episodic structure. And so is Sam and Max. The first Season is splitted into 6 Episodes all with a length of about 3-4 hours of gameplay. “Damn short” you might say but sum all episodes up and you get around 15-20 hours of gameplay. More than most Adventures, Ego-Shooters, Action-RPGs or Jump’n’Runs today. The first Episode is named “Culture Shock”.

You can purchase every Episode from the Telltale homepage for 8.95$ each. Or you buy the whole season for 34.95$ and will have access to every Episode at the day of release. That is a good price for the whole season so I bought it already ^^. The Episodes are going to be released monthly beginning from January (the first Episode is an exception). So it will probably be like a television series you like. I am currently downloading the first Episode and will give you my humble opinion later on. To get an idea of the game, the voices and the story for yourself just try the DEMO!!!

I have to get going, stuff todo, but I will play Sam and Max today!

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