The very first post…

This is it. My blog! And this is also my very first post. If you wanna know why I have a blog visit About.

I thought the beginning of a new semester, which probably (and hopefully) is my last, is a wonderful moment to start its own dispensable, needless and uninteresting site to spread more nonsense on the internet. And I will intensely work hard to do so!

Also I want to use this post as an announcement. Currently there is not much content, not much to read or see, but that will change very soon. Layout is in the work chain and content is permanently produced by my arcane but vivid mind.

There will be some Fun Stuff, there will be some Stuff about Software/Programs I tested (and which crashed my PC), maybe some code or tricks and there will be a lot of Letters and Words which try to describe my studying at the University.

For now I will prepare the first real posts, continue the layout and leave you with the impression that another student has its own blog to fill with more or less content nobody cares about… but you will, I promise! ^^’

2 thoughts on “The very first post…”

  1. Yes but we will rule the galaxy like father and son! And our DeathBlog will lead us to victory.

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